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Welcome to the new home of SafetyNet digital, the leading integrated solution for radio communication.

SafetyNet Digital provides software, interfaces and solutions to partners and dealers around the world. Developing software, which has evolved over 20 years from DOS through the various windows operating systems and moving now into WebRTC (web real time communication) for ultimate flexibility.

Our software along with their associated products offers an opportunity to create new solutions and add value and capability to standard digital radio systems as well as standalone packages. We welcome new ideas for opportunities and applications working with our sales partners to open up this exciting world of IP and systems integration. If you need help with a problem, then contact us as we can help provide a solution.













Safetynet Alert



Download contains:
  • Configuration documentation
  • Pre-programmed radio programs
  • & Basestation program configurations
free radio control suite software
Alarm and Radio communications monitoring software.
  • Diverse functionality & customisation for specific requirement setup.
  • Simple control-room monitoring when dealing with multiple incoming/outgoing Radio communications
  • Alarms and audio can be directed to either a single or multiple workstations
  • Suite of specialist tools and features, unique only to our software.
Indoor & outdoor tracking capabilities

Our locator is a reliable solution for lone worker tacking, asset tracking & employee tracking.

  • Integrated alarm & radio communication monitoring
  • See where users are indoors/outdoors and track the paths they took to get there
Control and switch signals from a telephone or mobile radio

Used for:

  • Access control to the site
  • Clearing alarms
  • Generating other external alarms
  • Activating intercom and public address messages
  • Pumps or extractor fans
  • Or indeed anything driven from a relay contact.

Dedicated unit which can operate by itself or as part of a larger SafetyNet digital radio scheme fully integrated with lone worker, personal alarms and location services. In addition, information can be sent from the radio back to SNaP to acknowledge and clear the alarm and also provide other signals to remotely activate other equipment from the radio or mobile phone

SNaP can replace onsite paging systems using a digital radio as the messaging device but with the advantage of audio services in a single unit.

SafetyNet Digital - Proudly Presents ULTRA

An operators heaven - Made to combine all of our existing software's into one single package, control through licensing.

Other than having all your tools under one roof, ULTRA's user interface has a sleek design, which makes the user experience obvious & easy to grasp. We've decreased the clutter by only displaying the tools that you and your company are going to be using.

As well as having the features from the Client, Locator, SNAP & ALERT, ULTRA has ever growing features and capabilities which are in constant development to meet the needs of any business.
We look forward to the latest version, ULTRA WEB, which includes cloud technology and SIP calls.
You will be able to sign into ULTRA off a web browser to monitor your alarm system and radio fleet, and can make calls to mobile too.

ULTRA is quickly becoming the go-to platform for radio control suite communications

Personal Protection Alarm with Location over mobile telephone networks

The SafetyNet Locator Alert is a compact push button alarm designed to allow vulnerable individuals to call for assistance quickly.
The alarm can be directed to a control centre where it is displayed as a moving icon on a map of the area. An audible alarm and flashing icon immediately identifies the user who generated the alarm to a controller who can then take appropriate action.

SafetyNet Digital Business solution
SafetyNet Digital Business solution
SafetyNet Digital Business solution
SafetyNet Digital Business solution
SafetyNet Community is targeting crime and anti-social behaviour through the deployment of radio fleet management integrated with CCTV and wide area capabilities.
Custodial services in the UK have used the SafetyNet radio management system for 18 years. SafetyNet Digital provides a range of options to provide a digital radio scheme.
SafetyNet Industrial is designed to provide a self-managing on site radio system used in industrial, manufacturing or processing sites where a control room is not always present.
SafetyNet Retail is a comprehensive software based radio network solution that provides radios, CCTV Control Suite integration and sophisticated radio management.

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