Personal Protection Alarm with Location over mobile telephone networks

The SafetyNet Locator Alert is a compact push button alarm designed to allow vulnerable individuals to call for assistance quickly.
The alarm can be directed to a control centre where it is displayed as a moving icon on a map of the area. An audible alarm and flashing icon immediately identifies the user who generated the alarm to a controller who can then take appropriate action.


Functions include:

  • The device can be used as a telephone so that the controller can speak directly to the user.
  • Direct assistance precisely to the location shown on the map.
  • Send automatic text messages to responders with the appropriate map reference
  • Send automatic preā€recorded audio commands to security personnel operating through a radio scheme
  • Movement outside a defined area can trigger and alarm (GeoFencing)


The unit also has fall detection and enables the device to automatically send an alarm in the same way as if the SOS button had been pressed. This feature detects sudden movements in a fall and this function can be permanently enabled or switched on/off remotely, when required.


Key Features

  • Small size for ease of carrying in a pocket or around the neck on a lanyard
  • Operates throughout the UK with good mobile telephone coverage
  • Simple push button
  • Additional side button to setup a two way voice call to a designated number
  • Location data sent to control centre or to a designated number
  • Map screen can show at a glance location of all users
  • Tracking option showing all movement as a report or a snail trail
  • Long battery life of up to 40 days without charging
  • Man down facilities with fall detection facility or lack of movement modes
  • Geofencing facility