SafetyNet Digital Client and NMS applications provide a set of management functions for the SafetyNet Digital server core software.
When configured as a full client, the application provides full audio capabilities to monitor and control all radio channels or talkgroups connected to the SafetyNet server.
In NMS mode, the application is used as a management and configuration tool for the SafetyNet Server software.

Scalable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions


  • Multiple talkgroups
  • Individual calls with audio playback and dispatch functions
  • IP line direct to repeaters or off air radio link
  • Powerful database functions for managing fleets and radio users
  • Deferred actions, commands can be saved for transmission to a radio when next used e.g. stun
  • Radio resource management with RRS registration services
  • Status management with personal alarms, stun, revive, microphone open features
  • GPS location services with Locator mapping option
  • Indoor location services with management of beacons and receivers
  • Full range of lone worker safety features and resource management
  • Other radio technologies supported seamlessly
  • Third party application interface for special functions

  • Voice Playback & Archiving

    Throughout the day, your radio fleet may be making communications quite regularly. If it's a busy system, communications back and forth can be hard to keep track of. Especially if your operator is managing more than radio group.

    SafetyNet Digital Client allows you to back-track through the conversation, so that you can listen to the parts you have missed.

  • Popular Features


  • Report Templates

    Allow SafetyNet to help with documentation

    Sometimes the unexpected can happens, it could be an emergency, criminal activity, accident, injury etc...
    Whether you were prepared for it or not, it is likely that it will need to be documented, for further reference. SafetyNet can archive all the incoming and out going communications, this can be used to show that, in the event of said incident, protocols were followed. This particular feature is a popular choice with those trying to disprove negligence claims and avoiding law suits.


  • Stun / Revive

    Complete controlroom control

    In our 20 years of experience, Radio Handsets ( or Walkie Talkies - for some) have a habit of getting lost or stolen.
    In this event, you do not want someone listening in to your private conversations between you and your team.

    With the luxury of having SafetyNet Digital Client, managing your radio fleet, you will be able to identify the missing Radio Handset with ease. And with our Stun/Revive capabilities, you have the power to block all communications with the device in question, reviving it only when it has been returned to your inventory.

  • Lone Worker

    Radios that protect yourself, protect your staff

    A highly sought after capability.
    When a lone worker has to do a job in a remote or isolated environment, regular check have to be implemented to ensure the well-being of that worker. In most cases this will involve another staff member watching out for them by making regular check up calls to the lone worker. With SafetyNet Digital Client - Lone worker function, the worker is requested to send regular updates back to the control room, via their radio handset, which lets them know that he or she is fine.

    The interval between checks is customisable, along with the message that the lone worker receives when