SND Custodial

Scottish Prisons

SafetyNet has been the product of choice for Prison radio systems in the UK since 1995 when our SafetyNet radio system was first introduced.

With the introduction of TETRA as the standard in the MoJ and Scottish Prison Services, SafetyNet Digital 2 is the control room standard with over 150 systems installed in the public and private sectors throughout the whole of the UK.

SafetyNet Digital has a proven record as a highly reliable, powerful but simple to use control room communications system providing;

  • Officer safety through personal alarms functions
  • Integrity of the network
  • Accountability through data logging and audio recording
  • Efficiency through the use of automated processes and signalling
  • Ease of operation

SafetyNet has continued to evolve and has now been developed for use over DMR Tier 2 and Tier 3 (Q2 2016) as well as supporting Damm and Rohil Tetra infrastructures.