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209-137 1v0b SafetyNet Branded Locator Indoor and Outdoor

SafetyNet Locator provides indoor tracking using a network of beacons strategically placed around a building complex and GPS location where a clear view of the sky is available.
By combining this information, users can be shown and tracked on maps and schematic diagrams pretty much anywhere.
This information can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the safety and security or radio users and provide a vital tool in managing personnel or automate process and systems.
Tracking data can be analysed through on-screen reports, or using a report manager to schedule summary information as required.

indoor and out door tracking locator

Key Features:

  • Scalable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions
  • Links directly with AIS DMR repeaters and TETRA
  • Import function for loading schematic diagrams for indoor location
  • Powerful report scheduler and formatting tool
  • Radio fleet tab showing status of all users on the network
  • Zones can be defined allowing actions to be initiated when entering an area
  • Tagging of zones to text and voice messages
  • On screen snail trail facility
  • Definable icons for user groups
  • Radio can be called directly from an icon or a text message sent
  • Seamless tracking from GPS to indoor
  • Multiple map types supported with
  • OpenStreetMaps as standard for GPS

Indoor Locator

Direct your team with easy, whilst viewing they're location on your personalised indoor location

With the combined use of beacon technology, the PMR Module Receivers & SafetyNet Digital's Locator, indoor tracking is possible for you and your radio fleet.

indoor locator example software

hytera radio with locator module

locator beacon

Outdoor Locator

Asset Tracking, Automatic Reports, Highly Integratable

Location data from a radio is provided as a set of co‐ordinates which is not very meaningful. Locator allows for the creation of GeoZones which are areas defined on a map as places where people may visit and these can be given a name. This allows information to be passed over the radio as a meaningful message as text or a pre‐recorded voice call.

Using GeoZones, defined areas can become useful to generate:

  • Reports of who entered or left a zone logged against time
  • Raising alarms or warnings when a particular zone is entered
  • Location sequencing taking actions based on movement through zones in a defined order
  • For identifying personal alarms quickly and sending help

Some simple reports are available within SafetyNet Locator with others available on request for custom applications.
* Licensed options are available at additional charge

outdoor tracking locator