SafetyNet Digital Overview

SafetyNet Digital offers a powerful range of services and functions for digital radio, managing audio and data and making full use of the capabilities and versatility of digital radio and IP technology. A system can be built from the core system providing basic radio management facilities with additional functions added through our software licensing scheme.

SafetyNet Digital provides support for all the latest digital radio technologies through a number of IP interfaces and decoder gateways. Links with telephony, serial data and pager services are also supported.

SafetyNet Digital forms the main server and gateway functions servicing; Location, Telephone Connect and Data Services applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  •  Scaleable solution, from single PC workstation to multiple control room positions
  •  Multiple talkgroup handling, individual calls with audio playback and despatch functions.
  •  Range of radio technologies through repeater direct links or off air decoders
  •  Powerful database functions for managing fleets and radio users
  •  Deferred and stored actions
  •  ARS/RRS and Registration services
  •  Status management with personal alarms, stun, revive, microphone open features
  •  GPS location services with Locator mapping option
  •  Indoor location services with management of beacons and receivers
  •  Full range of lone worker safety features and resource management
  •  Other radio technologies supported seamlessly
  •  Third party application interface
Alarm and Radio communications monitoring software.
  • Diverse functionality & customisation for specific requirement setup.
  • Simple control-room monitoring when dealing with multiple incoming/outgoing Radio communications
  • Alarms and audio can be directed to either a single or multiple workstations
  • Suite of specialist tools and features, unique only to our software.
Indoor & outdoor tracking capabilities
Our locator is a reliable solution for lone worker tacking, asset tracking & employee tracking.
  • Integrated alarm & radio communication monitoring
  • See where users are indoors/outdoors and track the paths they took to get there
Control and switch signals from a telephone or mobile radio
Used for:
  • Access control to the site
  • Clearing alarms
  • Generating other external alarms
  • Activating intercom and public address messages
  • Pumps or extractor fans
  • Or indeed anything driven from a relay contact.
Dedicated unit which can operate by itself or as part of a larger SafetyNet digital radio scheme fully integrated with lone worker, personal alarms and location services. In addition, information can be sent from the radio back to SNaP to acknowledge and clear the alarm and also provide other signals to remotely activate other equipment from the radio or mobile phone SNaP can replace onsite paging systems using a digital radio as the messaging device but with the advantage of audio services in a single unit.
SafetyNet Digital - Proudly Presents ULTRA
An operators heaven - Made to combine all of our existing software's into one single package, control through licensing. Other than having all your tools under one roof, ULTRA's user interface has a sleek design, which makes the user experience obvious & easy to grasp. We've decreased the clutter by only displaying the tools that you and your company are going to be using. As well as having the features from the Client, Locator, SNaP & ALERT, ULTRA has ever growing features and capabilities which are in constant development to meet the needs of any business. We look forward to the latest version, ULTRA WEB, which includes cloud technology and SIP calls. You will be able to sign into ULTRA off a web browser to monitor your alarm system and radio fleet, and can make calls to mobile too. ULTRA is quickly becoming the go-to platform for radio control suite communications -download a free trial version (features are very limited but you can still get a good feel of the software) For more information, e-mail: