Controling Alarms and Machinary from Radios & Mobiles

For more information - See SNAP leaflet:

209-130 2v1a SafetyNet SNaP

SafetyNet Alarm Processor (SNaP) allows important status information from alarm systems and industrial equipment to be transmitted to key personnel over digital radio or mobile telephones. Critical real time information can be presented as a text message, email or as prerecorded audio announcements to ensure an alarm or incident is dealt with quickly.

SNaP is a dedicated unit which can operate by itself or as part of a larger SafetyNet digital radio scheme fully integrated with lone worker, personal alarms and location services.

SNaP can replace onsite paging systems using a digital radio as the messaging device but with the advantage of audio services in a single unit.


Remote Control and Access

In addition, information can be sent from the radio back to SNaP to acknowledge and clear the alarm and also provide other signals to remotely activate other equipment from the radio or mobile phone.

Typical applications:

  • Water Treatment sites, SCADA linked alarms, gate access entry from radio or telephone
  • Manufacturing industry, warning of equipment failure, onsite pager replacement
  • University campus fire and intruder alarm monitoring to local security personnel
  • Alarm monitoring on remote sites with lone worker using digital radio e.g. windfarms

Key Features:


  • Alarm text messages to onsite digital or radio mobile telephones
  • Alarm to email facility
  • Fire and security alarm panel monitoring
  • BMS and SCADA protocols supported; TAP, ESPA 4.4.4, XML
  • Raw data serial printer port decoding
  • Hard wired interface for direct machine connection
  • Remote switching capability from radio or mobile
  • Easy to programme and monitor through local GUI
  • Window based unit
  • Flexible licensing
  • Up to 6 input channels per unit